When I got all done, I discovered that I’m what psychologists call an “ESFP.” The “E” means I’m extraverted, which could not be truer. The “S” means I live in the present, as opposed to in my intuition. The “F” means I react with my feelings, instead of thinking forever about stuff. And the “P” means I’m a perceiver, or reactive instead of highly structured.

You can learn a lot about these things on the “personality page” web site.

An ESFP, like me, is called “The Performer.” According to personalitypage, this means my “primary mode of living is focused externally,” where I take things in via my five senses in a literal, concrete fashion. Yep, that’s me, OK.

I’m also supposed to have “strong inter-personal skills,” which I do, as well as strong inter-doggie skills. And I’m supposed to be spontaneous and optimistic and fun-loving. Boy, they got me just right.

The other part I really like is that they’ve figured out what careers are best suited to the different personality types. Well, one of the careers for me, as a Golden Retriever, is “social work.” Any wonder that so many Goldens are service dogs? We’re also supposed to be good at child care. Here’s a photo from “My Doggie Says… Messages from Jamie” that certainly proves that to be true.

Finally, ESFPs are supposed to be good consultants and photographers, which, I guess, is what I’m being by sharing these ideas with my doggie friends. You know from some of my earlier posts that I’m very interested in figuring out what jobs my doggie friends could hold.

So that’s a little look at my Golden Retriever personality. Stay tuned, Doggie Friends. I’ll write about other breeds in the future.

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