Puppy Uncertainty Principle (PUP) (Part II)

I found a new aspect of the Puppy Uncertainty Principle (PUP) this morning. If you remember from my original post, the Puppy Uncertainty Principle (PUP) says that, when you try to photograph a dog, at the exact moment you press the shutter, the dog won’t be where you thought it was. Well there’s another wrinkle.

This morning on our jog, Callie saw a neighbor’s lawn sprinklers at work and decided to grab a quick drink of water. I knew where she was headed, so I pulled out my camera, took aim, and squoze the shutter — just as the sprinkler shut off. But of course. It’s part of the Puppy Uncertainty Principle. I just never knew that this phenomenon of puppiedom also extended to water sprinklers.

Fortunately, there was a sprinkler still going in another part of the yard, so I was able to get my photograph.


This image is an awful lot like one I took of Jamie a few years ago. When Jamie first started to head for the sprinklers, we thought she just wanted to play in the water. It took her a while to figure out how to drink from them — by wrapping her mouth around the nozzle. But she got there. And it took us a while to learn that she was probably thirsty, not just looking for a romp in the water. We also learned that when the sprinklers were working Jamie would almost always want to stop and get a drink.

Here, from My Doggie Says… is the photograph of Jamie drinking from a water sprinkler:


It’s not always easy to figure out what your doggie is trying to do, but it’s worth the effort. Your pet will appreciate it, and you’ll have more fun.