This Dog (Callie) Makes Friends Wherever She Goes

Golden Retrievers are supposed to be very friendly and sociable, and Callie is no exception. On her recent vacation at Lake Arrowhead, California, Callie made several trips to the Lake Arrowhead Village shopping center, where she made lots of good friends.

Of course, Callie is always very careful to introduce me to her friends’ owners, so I end up making lots of friends, too!

Here’s Callie with Lindsey, another Golden Retriever. Lindsey’s mom, Chelsea, has emailed a few times. Hi, guys! Callie and I enjoyed our visit with you.

And here’s Callie with Scampy at the Three Dog Bakery. Callie sure loves their special puppy treats.

This is Callie’s friend, Bailey, who lives pretty close to Callie’s house.

And here’s Callie with Bub McCloughlin. Bub’s a cadaver dog; that’s why he’s wearing the pinnie. Bub’s a pretty fun dog, but he does some very serious work.

Callie also met Bandit, a Labrador Retriever.

And, finally, Callie made a lot of people friends, too. This bathing beauty was one of her favorites.

Callie is a very social animal; it’s fun to encourage and reward her social life!