What is this stuff falling out of the sky? By Callie Golden Retriever

IMG_0626 (4) Last night, while Fred and Barbara were in the den, I noticed that things looked real different outside. It was dark and the street in front I our house was all shiny, and the house lights were bouncing off the trees and the street. It looked very different from what I'm used to. And little rivers -- like someone kicked over a big puppy-water bowl -- were running down the street. And stuff was falling out if the sky and splatting on the street and on the leaves across the road. I was very scared, so I started barking to warn Fred and Barbara. I mean really barking and barking in my loudest full-grown dog voice. After all, I'll be three years old in January. Finally Fred walked into the room and said, "it's OK, Callie. It's rain. I know it never rains in Southern California, but this is the first storm of winter." After Fred said that and knelt down beside me and gave me a real good puppy-scratch, I felt lots better. I quit barking and went back to the den to suck on "stinky. IMG_1742 (2) You should listen to Fred's interview with Debbie Jacobs, of Fearful Dogs.com. The interview will be posted soon. Fred talks with Debbie Jacobs about her experience with fearful dogs. I guess for a while last night I was one. Bye for now. Callie