Tell Fred what your doggie says….

Thanks for visiting our web site. Fred and I hope you learn something about dog body language and how to speak “dog.”

We hope you like the golden retriever pictures. It was fun for me to be Fred’s doggie model. After a while, I got used to the bright flashes.

Please tell us about your pet and how you talk dog or cat, or any other pet language. We’ll put some of the best stories on this web site for all of our readers to share.

Send me a personal dog-e-mail! I try to answer every dog-e-mail I receive, but I get pretty busy, so be patient with me.

If you’d like to write a testimonial for My Doggie Says…, please send us a dog-e-mail, or post your comments in Jamie’s blog

With lots of love to all my people and animal friends.

Jamie Golden Retriever

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