Dog Rescue: A Tale of “Tommy the Throwaway Dog” — A podcast with author Laura Marlowe

Dog rescue is a hot topic for many dog lovers.  This is a dog rescue story that has turned into much more — a book, an educational process, and a fundraising project.  All because a trash collector rescued Tommy, the dog, from a dumpster.

Tommy’s story starts out in a very sad way.  He was abused by his first owner — in terrible ways.  Finally, that owner, literally “threw Tommy away” — into a trash bin.  Fortunately, an alert trash collector rescued Tommy and took him to a shelter, where people cared for him.  About two months later, Tommy was rescued by his “forever home” new parents.

Laura Marlowe read about Tommy and decided to write a book about his story.  She wanted to teach people — especially young children — how to properly treat a dog and the benefits of dog rescue.   “Tommy the Throwaway Dog” is aimed at children from three years old to age nine.  Now Laura travels around the country visiting grade school classes and shelters and using Tommie’s story help raise awareness and funds — for the proper treatment of dogs.

Here’s Laura’s overview of Tommy’s story (2:30).

And here’s the full interview from the “My Doggie Says…” show.