Goodbye, Charlie (by Callie)

img_0992-3.jpg I learned this morning that one of my favorite Golden Retriever friends, Charlie, was hit by a car and killed a little over a week ago. So I'm feeling just terrible -- for the loss of Charlie and for Charlie's step-brother, Mooch, and his owners, Doug and Sonja. I could tell something was terribly wrong this morning when I saw Doug walking with Mooch but without Charlie. Mooch has always been friendly with me, but not as exuberant as Charlie. But this morning Mooch explained to me, in doggie language, what had happened. Mooch was very broken up about it, and I feel sorry for him. He's obviously very depressed. The relationship between Charlie and Mooch is pretty fascinating. Doug and Sonja got Charlie, a rescue Golden Retriever, a few years ago, because Mooch had disappeared. But then someone took Mooch to a vet, who scanned his micro-chip and returned him to Doug and Sonja. My sincere and doggie-heart-felt condolences to Doug, Sonja, and Mooch for their loss. You never quite know how bonded you are to a pet (or to a person) until you lose them. Which is too bad, but I guess that's just how it is. Sometimes it's really frustrating not to be able to talk like a person -- using my voice. I've been trying lately, but I think, to Fred, it just sounds like a bunch of "snorts" and "grunts." I've tried a few times when I had something important to say, like, "could I please get out of my crate for a while," or "isn't it about dinner time?" But these were always short messages. Today I walked into Fred's office and tried for about five minutes to explain to Fred how I felt, in people talk. I know all Fred heard was "grunts" and "snorts," but I actually think he understood what I was trying to say. Fred was so heartbroken that he cried, too, when he heard the news. So I'm pretty sure he understands how I feel and that he shares my feelings. We rubbed foreheads for a minute, so I felt we were almost able to communicate like dogs. Here's a web site that has a lot of beautiful poems that might give comfort to someone who recently lost a beloved pet. One of Fred's favorites is "Dinah in Heaven," by Rudyard Kipling. Goodbye, Charlie. I really love you. Callie