Keeping your pet safe over the holidays and an update on Callie's puppy kindergarten

Callie likes "top ten" lists, so she asked me to share this with you. It's a great list of ways to keep your pet safe over the holidays, by John Woestendiek of the Baltimore Sun. Lots of good things to think about as we start the holiday season. Come to think of it, Barbara's putting out a lot of decorations right now, so Callie and I better have a talk with her. John's article reminds me of a Thanksgiving weekend hike we took one year with Jamie, at Lake Arrowhead. Jamie started digging in the snow, and she unearthed a whole turkey carcass. Probably something the coyotes dragged down from someone's trash. We got it away from Jamie as quickly as possible, because we know turkey bones splinter and can cause huge problems for a dog. Callie's doing really well in her puppy kindergarten. Here's some video of a drill where she meets six new people. The people approach her one at a time, from the side, and ask to pet her for a few seconds. Notice how Callie is learning not to jump up on people, which she had a tendency to do. In all six of her "visits" she stays down and lets people pet her. I was really proud of her for the way she did this. In the background, you'll hear a "yippie" dog. Wait until the last few frames of the video and you'll see who this is -- a cute white Havanese breed dog. Hope you're enjoying the long Thanksgiving weekend.