Pickles (the dog) returns on Christmas day

Here's a really sweet story about the return of Pickles, a four-year old Shih Tzu, that disappeared on Thanksgiving Day, 2006. Pickles showed up on Christmas day, this year, much to the thrill of Matthew, 11 years old, and Caroline, 9 years old, both of the Cusolito family of San Pedro, California. Another victory for the micro-chip, although it took a while. Click on the photo below to see the article in the Daily Breeze: 17336305t.jpg What a wonderful surprise! We've experienced the thrill of having a lost dog show up just about the time we'd given up hope. The dog was our Renne, a mixture of whippet and beagle. At the time, Renne was our third, or "extra" dog, but we loved her for her spunkiness. Renne jumped over a fence and disappeared for several weeks. During that time, Barbara visited all the local dog pounds, looking for Renne -- over and over. Finally, she found Renne, a small dog, in the "large dog" cages at one of the pounds. We were elated to have our good friend back home again. But imagine the excitement of having Pickles reappear on Christmas day, after a year's absence. What a nice present. It makes you appreciate how strong the family-pet relationship can be.

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