What did this dog talk really mean?

Steve wrote a very cute "Dog Talk" post at myspace.com. He tells about adopting a dog, and then he "translates" the dogs actions into English based on what he found when he got home after leaving Buckshot home alone. Some examples: "I'm sure he won't mind if I just tug on the corner of this sheet some." And, "Ooh, was that sound the sheet ripping? Oops." And, "Hmm, what's this? A foam filled mattress! Yay!" It's a cute, but disastrous little story. The real message Buckshot was sending was probably, "Man, I need Steve to take me for a three mile walk every morning. I'm just a bundle of energy, and if I don't have a good way to burn it off, I'll chew on everything I can find." Sometimes it's hard to decipher a dog's messages. This excerpt from "My Doggie Says... Messages from Jamie -- How a dog named Jamie 'talks' to her people" illustrates the point:

"One morning, during our jog, Barbara and I ran to a nearby shopping plaza to buy four copies of a local newspaper. (Barbara’s picture was in the paper.) I rolled the four papers into a bundle about the size of a small loaf of bread, and we started the jog home (about one mile). Several times, Jamie looked back at me, as if to get my attention. Barbara said, “She’s trying to say ‘hello’ to you.” But the fourth time, Barbara said, in amazement, “She’s not saying ‘hello.’ She wants to carry the newspapers!” So I put the roll of papers in Jamie’s mouth, and, sure enough, she proudly carried them the rest of the way home."

ch18_001d-2.jpg I enjoyed Steve's story and the way he translated the dog talk into English. But I think the deeper message is, "Hey, Pal, help me burn off some of this excess energy. Then I'll be gentle as a lamb & just lie here all day & dream about pretty girl doggies!"