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My Doggie Says…, “We’ll have a lot more fun — and a very special relationship — if you learn to speak my language.”

“My Doggie Says…” is a state of mind that helps you understand dog communication and create a stronger bond with your dog.  Chuckle along while you enjoy:

1) “My Doggie Says… Messages From Jamie”

2) The “My Doggie Says…” radio talk show and podcast

3) The web site and blog.

4) The “Dog Appreciation Lessons” CD, a collection of eighteen magical moments excerpted from the “My Doggie Says…” radio talk show.

5)  Fun dog videos on the “mydoggiesays” blog and Youtube.


“My Doggie Says…Messages from Jamie” helps readers understand how a dog’s behavior often “sends a message” — if you can just decode it. Eighty-five fun color photographs teach the reader of this charming book, by example, how to interpret a dog’s behavioral language.

Talk Show

The “My Doggie Says…” radio talk show is broadcast live every Wednesday night at 8:00 p.m. on KFNX in Phoenix. Every week, Fred interviews one of the top dog authors, dog trainers, or dog service providers to gain a deeper appreciation for dogs — and to get better at dog communication and dog bonding. The show is streamed live at To join the conversation, call (602) 277-KFNX, or toll free (866) 536-1100. Podcasts of the show are available on and iTunes.

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Web Site

The “” web site contains dozens of articles, photos, video, and podcasts — all celebrating dog communication, dog/human relationships and an appreciation for “Man’s best friend.”

Following is a list of press releases, articles, reviews and other information about “My Doggie Says…”


New CD, “Dog Appreciation Lessons” offers unique and charming insights about the nature and behavior of “Man’s Best Friend.”

People who Love Dogs.

Eighteen charming and insightful sound bites about the nature and behavior of “Man’s Best Friend ” by leading authors of dog books, dog trainers, and dog rescuers. A short course, for dog-lovers, on building a strong bond with your pet. Here are some of the stories you will hear:

Max, a golden retriever that rides motorcycles

Kyra Sundance teaches the “Chase-Your-Tail” trick

Barley, a rent-a-dog, talks about his life

Dean Koontz worries that his golden retriever, Trixie, might be taken to jail

Ted Kerasote’s dog, Merle, reads the news

Trixie Golden Retriever helps Dean Koontz see the world in a different way

Tom Sullivan’s guide dog, Nelson, finds a hotel room” four years later

Jake, a labrador retriever, swims the Alcatraz race





How to Have a Meaningful Relationship with Your Dog

A Dog’s Actions Speak Louder than Words: Five Ways to Figure Out What Your Dog is Telling You

Dog Communication: Five things your dog may be saying to you and how you can use them to build a closer relationship with your dog

How to Improve Your Dog Talk Skills


Fred has been a guest on dozens of radio Programs in the U.S and Canada. He has also been the emcee for several dog events, and he enjoys book signings.

Recently, he was the guest, for a one-hour interview on the following Internet podcasts:

“The Val Heart Show”
“Your Life Matters with Steve and Jenn”

Fred’s favorite topics include:

  • Dog communication
  • Dog-human relationships
  • Ways to build stronger bonds with a pet
  • Things to do with a pet
  • Ways to be a good health advocate for a pet
  • The intelligence of dogs
  • Dog behavior
  • Philosophies of dog training,

and anything that helps people improve their dog appreciation skills. Fred also enjoys speaking to groups, or giving slide shows or presentations on subjects related to dogs and dog-human relationships.

“Twenty Four Ways to Fall Head Over Paws in Love with Your Dog”

Contact Fred about his charming multi-media presentation, “Twenty Four Ways to Fall Head Over Paws in Love with Your Dog.”This fun talk combines Fred’s insights with entertaining video, sound clips from the “My Doggie Says…” talk show, and lots of cute dog photos.  Fred presents eight ways to increase your appreciation for dogs, eight practical tips for improving your dog-talk skills, and eight tips for building a stronger bond with your dog — for a total of twenty four ways to enjoy your dog

It’s not about “dog-whispering;” it’s about “dog-bonding.”

Remember Jamie Golden Retriever’s first rule for a good life: “Don’t bark if a ‘wuuf’ will do the job.”

Contact Fred by calling (310) 373-5866, or by sending an email:

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