Helper dog killed protecting man from cougar

img_0626-4.jpg Hi, it's me, Callie, writing again. I just wanted to tell you about this fallen doggie-hero, Blackie, a Labrador retriever who saved her owner from an attacking cougar in Prince George, B.C. Blackie was not an ordinary dog. She was trained as a puppy to take instructions in both French and English to help a young autistic boy. So, in my book, she's been a hero all her life. But at age nine, and suffering from arthritis, she became even more of a hero. Blackie and her owner were out for a walk, and when they turned a corner, they were confronted by a hungry cougar. Blackie attacked the cougar, giving her owner, Wayne Kasnesky, time to escape. Unfortunately, the cougar was too much for Blackie, who died in the ensuing battle. Blackie probably knew the cougar would win the battle, but her bravery and her love for Wayne told her to do her best. Here's the story from I hope you'll join me in honoring this doggie-hero.

4 Responses to “Helper dog killed protecting man from cougar”

  1. Dolores Patenaude says:

    Thank-you so much Callie. Blackie was very special and we loved her dearly.

    Wayne and the puppy are doing fine, but very shaken up.
    My son David is missing Blackie as we all are.
    She is truly a hero and we will never forget her.

    Dolores Patenaude, owner of Blackie

  2. mydoggiesays says:

    Dolores, I’m so glad you saw our blog and decided to comment. Our best wishes to you, Wayne, the puppy and David. You’ve suffered a painful loss, and I’m sure our readers are thinking of you and wishing you all the best.

    Callie and Fred

  3. Pinnie says:

    Outstanding that you got a response from Dolores, and is that a blog in itself. How’d she find you….this is really special and you should feel great.

    I’d like to write her, as a person who helps autistic individuals.

  4. Dolores Patenaude says:

    Hello Pinnie. I found this website by accident, searching articles about Blackie. I really enjoy this site, I think it is very cool to have a dog speak to its’ readers.

    I would like to communicate with you about how you help autistic individuals.