Top ten jobs that dogs could do (by Callie)

img_6440-4.JPG Hi! It's Callie here, again. Fred's having a difficult time downloading some video to youtube, so he asked me to fill in for today. My doggie friends and I have been thinking a lot about jobs dogs could do. Everyone knows that dogs already do a lot of important things, like being police dogs, drug-sniffing dogs, therapy dogs, service dogs, seeing-eye dog, and watch-dogs. But here are some you might not have thought about: 1. Digging swimming pools. I think dogs would do this for less pay than people, because they really like to dig. 2. Re-cycling stuffed toys. What could give a dog more pleasure than pulling the stuffing out of stinky old toys? 3. Being ambassadors. Fred wrote about Luca the Launch Ramp Perro and other dogs that are true ambassadors. Dogs have a way of making people feel really good. 4. Department store greeter. Dogs could meet everyone who walks into the store and help them find what they're looking for. 5. Fire hydrant cleaner. No explanation required. The fire department should love it. 6. Paramedic. Bet you didn't know that Caesar had a small army of trained wound-licking dogs to help heal his soldiers' injuries. 7. Lifeguard. Don't believe me? Check out this story about Echo, a dog who saved his owner from drowning. 8. Psychologist. Don't you always feel better after you've had a long conversation with your dog? 9. Lawyer. One of Jamie's Rules For a Good Life is "play by the rules, even if there's no referee." Dogs would get things settled out of court, without the need for judges. 10. In Indiana, your kids can read books to dogs. Dogs make really good listeners. Check out this link. 11. (For good measure) Man's best friend. But you already knew that. Until next time Fred's away. Callie

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