My Doggie Says… by Fred Haney

You might be surprised how much your dog is trying to tell you. Almost any time your dog does something you don’t understand, it’s a safe bet your pet is sending you a message — if you can only figure it out. With a little observation and practice, you can get better at understanding your dog’s messages. “My Doggie Says…” helps you learn by example. It contains eighty-five color photographs of Jamie’s behaviors — and explanations of the message they send. It’s a fun way to learn “dog talk,” and it can help you build a much stronger bond with your “best friend.”

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My Doggie Says… by Fred Haney E-book

Here’s another way to learn “dog talk.” Download the E-Book version of “My Doggie Says… Messages from Jamie.” Use your computer or reader to see the same color photographs and stories that will help you interpret your dog’s messages. Why did my dog do that? What is my dog trying to tell me? How can I figure out the message? Read the fun examples in this E-Book, and you will be well on your way to understanding the important things your dog is trying to tell you — and having a closer relationship with your pet.

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My Doggie Says, How a dog named Jamie talks to her people Dog Appreciation Lessons – Humor and Wisdom from People who Love Dogs.

Eighteen charming and insightful sound bites about the nature and behavior of “Man’s Best Friend” by leading authors of dog books, dog trainers, and dog rescuers. A short course, for dog-lovers, on building a strong bond with your pet. Here are some of the stories you will hear:

  • Max, a golden retriever that rides motorcycles
  • Kyra Sundance teaches the “Chase-Your-Tail” trick
  • Barley, a rent-a-dog, talks about his life
  • Dean Koontz worries that his golden retriever, Trixie, might be taken to jail
  • Ted Kerasote’s dog, Merle, “reads the news”
  • Trixie Golden Retriever helps Dean Koontz see the world in a different way
  • Tom Sullivan’s guide dog, Nelson, finds a hotel room — four years later
  • Jake, a labrador retriever, swims the Alcatraz race

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My Doggie Says... Ball Cap
My Doggie Says… Wuuf! Baseball Cap

Show your friends you’ve learned to speak “dog.” The front of this hight quality cotton cap says “My Doggie Says…” The answer is on the adjustable velcro strap on the back — “WUUF!”


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My Doggie Says... Coffee Mug
My Doggie Says… Wuuf! Coffee Mug

Start your day with a fresh cup of coffee and Jamie’s favorite Rule for a Good Life — “Don’t bark if a ‘WUUF!’ will do the job!


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Fred’s book recommendations!

These books will help you and your friends gain a deeper appreciation for “man’s best friend.” They all deal with the relationships between people and dogs in different ways. Many of them can help you improve your communication with your pet, in order to strengthen your bond and nurture your dog’s personality. Whether you read “Merle’s Door,” a charming tale of an outdoorsman and his dog, or “How to Speak Dog,” a more scientific treatise on how to communicate with your dog, all of these books address different aspects of the dog-human relationship.

Each of these authors has been a guest on the “My Doggie Says…” radio show.

You can stop and start the “carousels” by simply mousing over an image or by mousing over and clicking on the double “pause” bars.