About Fred Haney

“My Doggie Says” combines Fred’s love of photography, writing, and dogs into one package. After a wild-life photography expedition in Yellowstone National Park with his son Brad, Fred began to see patterns in Jamie’s actions and body language. Realizing that Jamie was sending lots of messages, he tried to become a better listener, which, of course, made Jamie a better “talker”.

When Jamie was five years old, Fred started to capture her “messages” in a collection of photographs. Within three years, he had assembled hundreds of images, and he began writing brief stories about them. The result is “My Doggie Says…”

Fred hosts the “My Doggie Says…” radio talk show on KFNX 1100 in Phoenix, Arizona.  The show  addresses “dog talk,” “dog relationships,” “dog appreciation,” and “dog bonding.” It is streamed over the Internet every Wednesday evening at 8:00 p.m. MST at www.1100kfnx.com.  Fred’s guests have included Dean Koontz, Ted Kerasote, Garth Stein, David Frei, Linda Blair, Dr. Aubrey Fine, Michelle Douglas, Barbara Davis, and dozens of other dog lovers.  Each guest brings special insights into dog behavior, and each guest helps listeners gain a deeper appreciation for “man’s best friend.”  Fred’s interviews are available as podcasts on this web site, as well as on iTunes.

Some of Fred’s favorite moments on the “My Doggie Says…” show are captured in the “Dog Appreciation Lessons” CD.

Fred writes the popular “My Doggie Says…” blog, which offers fun insights into “dog talk,” “dog relationships,” and the warmth and intelligence of Man’s Best Friend.  He believes that the joys of dog-bonding — being in a special relationship with your dog — transcend conventional obedience training and make the human/dog partnership extraordinarily special.  One of Fred’s favorite moments every day is his soccer game with Callie Golden Retriever.  Callie first invited Fred to play soccer when she was only eight weeks old, and she and Fred have played almost every day since then. You can see video of Callie’s soccer skills on this web site.

Fred’s favorite discovery, after years of dog-watching, is that dogs have their own philosophy of life.  Here are a few of “Jamie’s Twenty Seven Rules for Living a Good Life.”

Jamie’s Rules for a Good Life:

  • Don’t bark if a”wuuf” will do the job
  • It’s OK to be afraid sometimes
  • Have a favorite toy
  • Share your favorite toy with others
  • Play by the rules even when there’s no referee
  • Chase lizards and squirrels when you can
  • Rest when you’re tired