Callie’s Golden Retriever Neighbors — The Importance of Socializing

Callie Golden Retriever makes friends everywhere she goes.  She’s by far the most social dog I’ve had.  She loves people, and she loves other dogs.  She’s not particular about dog breeds; she loves them all.  But she’s especially fond of other Golden Retrievers.  Here she is with her Lake Arrowhead Golden Retriever Neighbors — Riley, Rowdy, and Ruckus.

Callie, Riley, Rowdy and Ruckus

One of the best gifts you can give your dog is the opportunity — and the space — to make friends.  As we walk different streets and paths around Lake Arrowhead, we encounter lots of dogs — some friendly and some not so friendly.  Seems like the friendly ones are always attached to friendly people.  People who prevent their dog from being social are doing their pets a great disservice.  Dogs are very social animals!