Dog Learns How To Dive Off A Dock, by Callie, Golden Retriever

Hey, guys, look at these pictures. I finally learned to jump off the boat dock at Lake Arrowhead!

Trust me; it wasn’t easy. I was pretty afraid at first. I’ve had some practice swimming, and I like to jump off of benches and rocks, but it was real different getting up the courage to jump off the dock into the water. The water’s always moving and bouncing around.

Fred worked with me on some steps by the dock where the water wasn’t so far down. Even then, I was a little afraid at first. I’m used to walking into the water, but Fred blocked the steps, so I had to jump. At first, the steps were just a few inches above the water. It was pretty easy.

But every time Fred took me out on the boat dock, I just froze up. Actually, I was eager to get in the water and retrieve my “Floppy Disc.” So I tugged hard on the leash and pulled Fred really hard until I got to the end of the dock. Then I just kind of freaked out. I couldn’t do it. I looked down at the water, and it just seemed so far away.

I leaned over as far as I could, and I reached out with my paw. But I just couldn’t bring myself to jump.

So Fred kept working with me on the steps. We got a little higher every time, until I got comfortable jumping in from a few feet above the water. Then it was a piece of cake (I mean, a piece of doggie bisquit).

In this first picture, you’ll notice I’m nice & dry. This is my first jump for this day. You can see from the look on my face that I’m still a little scared.

But in this picture, you can see I’ve got it! This is my third or fourth jump, and I’m really starting to enjoy it. Man, this is fun! After I jump in, I get to swim around with Barbara for a few minutes, chasing my “Floppy Disc.”

I can’t wait to get back to Lake Arrowhead so I can do this some more.

Thanks to Fred’s son, Brad, for taking the photos!

Bye until next time,