A Moment with Marley

It’s been 8 weeks since Callie left us and I’m still reminded of her almost every minute. Asking to go outside; sharing my fiber cookie or a bite of toast; going for walks; playing coffee ball; playing soccer; asking for scratches; on and on.

Yesterday I was sitting with a crowd of people at the weigh-in after the annual Lake Arrowhead fishing derby. (My partner Mark and I caught the most trout but our 5 largest didn’t weigh enough to win a trophy.) A cute young lady with a nice looking 8-year old golden retriever walked by. The Golden was wearing a black T-shirt. I admired the dog and asked the girl, “what’s his name?” She said, “Marley.” Immediately Marley seemed to single me out. He came close and aimed his beautiful eyes directly at mine in a deep but soft and gentle gaze. I lowered my hand and he put his head on my knee.

Marley seemed to understand how much I was missing Callie. His eyes said, “I know you’re still grieving and I know how much you love Callie. And she loves you. We dogs are about love.”

It was only a moment, but there was something very special about it. It was different from any other first-meeting I’ve had with a dog. In just a few seconds, Marley had connected with me and sent a very special message.

Thanks, Marley. Have a wonderful life of love.