Are Facial Expressions Part of Dog Talk? They Are For Callie Golden Retriever

To us humans, anyway, dogs don’t seem to have as much expression in their faces as people do.  Who knows what other dogs think?  I imagine that, to dogs, “all humans look alike,” while, amongst themselves, there is a lot of nuanced facial conversation.

But Callie Golden Retriever does have a few very noticeable facial expressions.  Everyone knows the famous “smile” of a Golden Retriever.  But Callie has some facial expressions — a kind of dog talk — that are almost the opposite of a Golden Retriever smile.

Two of them are part of her daily ritual of cajoling me to play soccer with her.

First she twists her muzzle into a pretzel, which always means, “Can we please go out and play soccer?”

Callie Golden Retriever Loves to Play Soccer

Once outside, Callie looks me in the eye and says — with her facial expression — “OK, Fred, let’s get the game started!”

Callie Golden Retriever Waits for the First Soccerr Kick

We all know dogs love to play games.  Use them as an opportunity to learn more about your “best friend.”  The messages are there; you just have to pay attention!