What Person are You, Golden Retriever? By Dr. Callie, Golden Retriever

You may have read that there’s a new book that helps people figure out, if they were a dog, which dog would they be? Here’s a link to the article. The book is called, “Which Dog Are You?”

There are also some sites where a person can take an on-line test to see which dog they are. Here’s an example at www.ivillage.com.

Well, if people can have a “which dog are you?” book, I decided my doggie friends should have a “which person are you?” book. So I decided to start writing it, and I thought I’d use myself as an example for the first chapter.

According to the AKC, Golden Retrievers are supposed to be friendly, reliable, and trustworthy. I think I’m all of those things. But I decided to learn more about my personality, so I took an on-line personality test. You (my doggie friends) can do this at this web site.

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