Does your dog understand pillows?

Until now, I've never had a dog that understood how wonderful pillows can be. Jamie, the heroine of "My Doggie Says... Messages from Jamie," didn't need pillows. She made her own by folding a front ankle backwards and using it like a pillow. We called it "tired puppy paws," because she usually did it when she was tuckered out after a long jog. Here's Jamie's "tired puppy paws." But Callie has discovered the magic of pillows. She's really learned how to use them to make herself more comfortable. Here she is pillowing out on the futon in my office: And here she is using the arm rest of a sofa at Lake Arrowhead like a pillow. She's even learned about the pillows on our bed. Jamie always slept on a corner of our mattress near the foot of the bed. Callie usually starts out there, but once in a while, I'll wake up in the middle of the night and discover that I'm sharing my pillow with a furry friend. It's fun to give a dog enough freedom that it make its own discoveries. Does your dog understand how pillows work?