Dexter Del Monte, Internationally Known Telepathic Animal Communicator: On the “My Doggie Says…” Show

 Dexter is an internationally known animal communicatorDexter is an internationally known animal communicator, presenter and a long time practitioner of Zen and Tibetan Buddhist meditation. As an artist/ educator residing in Los Angeles, she has taught art, yoga and meditation to thousands of children in schools throughout the city while showing children how to care for and communicate with animals. Dexter is a remote viewer, certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor, Reiki Master / teacher and has been professionally communicating with animals since 2000. Dexter donates her services to rescue organizations and provides free healing at a clinic in Los Angeles. She is a contributor to Species Link and Animal Wellness magazines. Dexter has private clients in Alaska, British Columbia, France, Sweden, Italy, Mexico, England and the United State She is available for workshops, lectures and private consultations. Dexter says, "I work with animals to resolve behavior problems. I identify energetic imbalances in the body and incorporate Reiki and other methods of energy work to facilitate emotional and physical healing. I communicate to dying animals and to animals after they transition. I help to find lost animals and reunite them with their families." "I have talked to rabbits, birds and squirrels, ferrets, cats, dogs and frogs, horses, spiders, emus and zebras, wolves, rats, coyotes and mice, opossum, lizards, llamas, flies, tigers and chimpanzees. My animal photography can be seen throughout my web site."