Willow Golden Retriever Achieves a New Level of Doggie Communication

Willow golden retriever took doggie communication to new and higher level last night.

As she and I started our nightly walk toward the bedroom, we passed from the front hall into the bedroom wing and I closed the shutters behind me.

Willow looked me in the eye and turned back toward the shutters.  Right away I knew what she was telling me: “We left my favorite toy, Dinosaur, in the front hall.”  So, I opened the shutters and she lunged into the front hall to snatch Dinosaur and carry it to the bedroom for the night.

Willow is especially smart and she is as good a communicator as Jamie and Callie, if not better. I have worked hard to earn her trust and help her know that I will respond to her requests if I can understand them.

That mutual respect and trust has formed a very special bond, just like it did with Jamie and Callie before