Another Argument for Exercising Your Dog

Here's another argument for exercising your dog -- keeping it healthy to avoid or help treat bladder cancer. In going through some of my radio programs last night, I re-played some of Nicholas Dodman's (author of "The Well Adjusted Dog") comments about how important exercise is for dogs. To Nick, one of the most important factors in a dog's health is the amount of exercise it gets every day. I'm feeling really bad about Callie's exercise program right now. She broke her toe (5th digit, left rear) about three weeks ago, and she's in a splint. We thought we could continue to give her at least a one-mile walk every morning, but -- in spite of valiant efforts and a purchased rubber bootie -- we haven't been able to waterproof her splint. So now she has a little skin infection, and we're not running or jogging with her for a few weeks. She's being a champ, of course, but I know she truly misses her morning three-mile run. Here's our champ, splint and all: IMG_3838 (2)