Dogs Like Structure — Video Of Callie’s Five Daily Soccer Rituals

We know that dogs like structure.  They seem to be at their best in comfortable surroundings and familiar situations.  I think that, given the opportunity, they even invent their own structure.  Callie has certainly done that with her Lake Arrowhead swimming routine — jump from the dock, retrieve the Frisbee, swim ashore, drop the Frisbee to shake off, grab the Frisbee and race back out on the boat dock to do it all again.

In this video, you’ll see the five “ritual” behaviors that are part of Callie’s (and my) daily soccer game.  First, the “invitation” to play.  Second, doing “nosers,” or “bonking” the ball off her nose.  Third, playing “keep away,” so I can’t pick the ball up and end the game.  Fourth, “begging” to keep playing.  And, finally, “high-five” to say, “good game!”