Decisions, Decisions, Puppy Decisions (by Callie)

img_0569-2.jpg You know, I don't usually have to make a lot of decisions. Barbara and Fred decide a lot of stuff for me. Like when I get to eat, when we go jogging, what time we go to bed, and stuff like that. Sometimes, I do decide to take a nap. And sometimes it's hard to figure out which toy to play with, because I do have a lot of toys. So yesterday I'm walking down the hallway and Okie-Dokie the black cat goes walking by. That cat can be really arrogant. It walks with a swagger, and I swear it's always telling me, "ha, ha, I never have to be in a crate!" Or "cats are better than dogs." Actually, Okie-Dokie and I have become pretty good friends. We like to rub noses, and sometimes I lick Okie-Dokie's head. She seems to like that. But I really like to pester her sometimes, so it only took me a millisecond to decide to run down the hallway and pounce on Okie-Dokie -- just to see how loud she would "hiss!" But just as I started after Okie-Dokie, Barbara showed up at the other end of the hall in her jogging clothes and wearing her jogging fanny-pack. Uh-oh! Slam on the brakes! Given a choice between annoying Okie-Dokie and going jogging, I'll always go for the jog. It's much better exercise than pouncing on cats. Besides, I can go cat-pouncing just about any time I want. So I stopped myself in mid-pounce and ran over to Barbara so she could put my leash on. It wasn't a real hard decision to make, because I really like to go jogging, but it made me realize that my life is pretty simple most of the time. Eat, sleep, pounce on cats, pee, pooh, and eat some more. But you know what I really look forward to? The times when Fred and Barbara play with me and make me feel part of the family. Lots of times, I start the play by presenting them with one of my favorite toys. Then we play a game of "let's both hold this for a while." It's my favorite game, next to playing soccer with Fred. I'm getting to spend lots more time out of my crate, so I do have to make more decisions than before. But mostly it's deciding NOT to eat the rugs. Things seem to work better that way. Next time!