Talking About Dog Talk

For our newer readers, this is a repeat of the introductory post, so you get the flavor of the My Doggie Says... blog. I'm travelling. Back Thursday. Does your dog talk to you? Can you tell what it's saying? I spent the last five years photographing my Golden Retriever and capturing some of her body language messages. The result is a book titled My Doggie Says...: Messages from Jamie. How a dog named Jamie talks to her people. The web site for the book is In this blog, I plan to share some of the stories from the book. Also, everywhere I go these days, dog-lovers want to have fun conversations about their dogs and how they "talk" to their owners. So I plan to share some of these stories, too. You will also meet a four-month-old Golden Retriever puppy named Callie (short for Callaway) (short for Woodland's Callaway Hole-in-One). I will post pictures of Callie as she grows up. One of Callie's favorite things is to play soccer. I'll post some pictures of Callie playing soccer in the next few days. Please share your "dog-talk" stories with me and the other readers. Our pets communicate with us more than a lot of people realize. My Doggie Says... has helped a lot of people become more aware of their pets' communications skills. Happy Dog-Talking!