Speaking of Doggie ESP

Here's another timely story about doggie ESP. It's about a 37-year old marine who was "adopted" by a dog in Iraq. He became separated from the dog, but it found its way through all kinds of barriers back to Dennis. The dog is headed to San Diego soon. Right now, I could use some ESP with Callie. I'm trying to decipher what her occasional "grunts" mean. Last night, at Lake Arrowhead, she did it in her crate. I was pretty sure it was some kind of negative message. But today, she was in my office alone for a while, and when I returned, she walked over beside me, offered to "shake paws," and greeted me with a steady stream of "grunt, grunt, grunt..." So this time it seemed more like I was getting a little chastising -- like, "Hey please don't forget that I'm here. Could you pay a little more attention to me and maybe not leave me alone for so long next time?" I'll go with that for now, but I'm really not sure. Grunt?