A lovely, lively catalogue of incidents in the life of a family and their dog, a golden retriever named Jamie – how she talks to her family and how they learn by trial and error (and observation!) to communicate with her, and what she says so gently and politely – with nearly a hundred photos of Jamie herself! Any dog person can easily identify with and smile at reliving these heart-warming memories. Everyone will want their own Jamie (as many cat owners have remarked after reading about this very golden retriever).

One day, almost out of the blue, Haney decided to start really listening to Jamie. He quickly learned how this skill was rewarded by closer interactions and a deeper relationship “and more fun (actually, listening to dogs usually means observing them, since they are masters of body language [can’t talk but can vocalize]). Sometimes he misinterpreted, but Jamie would politely repeat until he understood and did what she asked (who is the trainer here, after all – you or your dog?) – like the time Jamie wanted to carry the newspaper home and Haney finally got the message. Jamie was so proud! As Haney became better at communicating with Jamie, Jamie became better at communicating with him, after a few starts and restarts (much like trying to decipher your new baby’s unique cries).

How does your dog talk to you besides staring at you to go out and barking to come back in? This is a challenge you will embrace after reading this book: clues to start you and your family writing your own book and trying to break Jamie’s and Haney’s record of 100 unique communications.

One way we connect with our best friends is particularly subtle: dogs somehow know when it’s Saturday and the whole family (including canines) can sleep in. They also know (less subtly) by the shoes we put on if we plan to stay at home or go to work.

A warm, gentle book that you can pick up and reread beginning on almost any page. Short little snippets to read between important errands or listen to while driving to those errands. Inspiration to motivate you to write a book like this about your own family dog.

My favorite chapter is “Jamie meets Lauren” (the new granddaughter), how they play gently together and how Jamie knows that Lauren is a small young “pup of a person” who doesn’t mean to hurt (and very rarely does). Jamie accepts tail tugs only from little Lauren and allows only Lauren to use her as a napping pillow.

“Animal experts say this book can help you build a stronger bond with your doggie.”  Whether or not this is the case, My Doggie Says. . . . is a delight to read and reread.

Order (or download!) the new CD, “Dog Appreciation Lessons: Humor and Wisdom from People who Love Dogs,” with excerpts from Haney’s Phoenix radio show, featuring Dean Koontz, Ted Kerasote, Tom Sullivan, Dr. Nick Dodman, Kyra Sundance, Dr. Stanley Coren, David Frei, a dog who rides shotgun on a motorcycle, a rent-a-dog (of sorts), a guide dog handler, and others. Hear snippets from Haney’s radio show interviews about Iditarod dogs, therapy dogs, K9 police dogs, a dog who swam the Alcatraz race and beat most of the human swimmers (albeit with a slight head start), the intelligence of dogs (dogs can learn 160 words or more), dog body language, and why dogs like to go on “sniffy-walks.” What a great deal of a CD!

PS – If you tune into the hour-long radio talk (about dogs) show, on the air for three years in Phoenix, AZ, let me know how you like it! Since Haney covers 4 topics per show, you are sure to find one or more to your liking!

*Winner, Indie Excellence Book Awards, 2007; Finalist, Best Books Award, USA Book News; Moms’ Choice Awards Finalist

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