“She speaks with her actions and her body,” Haney continues. “She uses her eyes, tail and ears to emphasize her messages. Sometimes, her breathing sends a message. And she communicates very effectively about the things that are important in a doggie’s life.”

Haney details Jamie’s everyday routine, from helping him and his wife Barbara wake up to helping stay focused in his office to interacting withTiki the parrot and Okie-Dokie the cat.

Jamie is especially fond of going on errands, even if she can no longer jump into the car on her own. She’s not too proud to ask for help! She enjoys watching people out the window but sometimes just rests her head on the armrest so she can be close to her family in the front seat.

The sight of suitcases makes Jamie very anxious, Haney notes.  She knows that sometimes she gets to go and sometimes she doesn’t. She follows us everywhere we go in the house with a quizzical look on her face, “Do I get to go?”

One of Jamie’s favorite trips is to Lake Arrowhead. The part she doesn’t like about the trip is putting on her doggie harness, which Haney calls a wonderful invention (created by a friend).

Once in Lake Arrowhead, Jamie hops in the Haney  boat for a trip to Lake Arrowhead Village, where her first stop is The Wishing Well because, Haney writes,  there’s a puppy water dish out front. But, even more important, the lady at The Wishing Well has a stash of really big mega-puppy treats and (unlike home) she doesn’t break them in half; she gives a doggie the whole thing.

Haney goes on to describe Jamie’s other favorite Lake Arrowhead activities: swimming in the lake and watching squirrels.

This delightful book makes it clear why pet owners consider them to be part of the family. Haney’s prose and Jamie’s frequent quoted remarks make her jump off the page. And Haney’s candid photographs”especially those with granddaughter Lauren ”will bring a smile to every reader’s face.

“My Doggie Says..”Messages from Jamie is available at The Wishing Well in Lake Arrowhead Village. It is also available at www.mydoggiesays.com.

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