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Ventolin recall

Sunday, May 24th, 2009
Check this out. You've been hearing about Callie's soccer skills and how she invites me to play soccer every day. Soccer has become an integral pert of Callie's dog personality. She's graduated from trapping the ball under her tummy to doing "nosers." "Nosers" are what you do if you are a Golden Retriever and your nose gets in the way of doing a "header." [youtube] What does your dog do for fun? Make a comment or send a video link, and we'll share it with our readers. Play like this can bring you a lot closer to your pet. In Callie's case, soccer was her idea, so I'm nurturing her dog nature by going along with her whenever I can. Plus, it's fun for me, too! What's your dog's favorite sport? Is there a game you can play with your dog? Got video? Post a comment; share a link.