“We were able to create a deeper guardian / pet bond with our own pets using Dr. Fred Haney’s experiences. By observing our pets’ expressions and body language, we were better able to understand what they were saying. My Doggie Says… has deeply enriched our lives and the lives of our pets.”

— Hal Abrams Co-host Animal Radio

“Written with a warm sense of humor and insight, Haney’s book is so informative that it was almost enough to inspire this cat lover to head on down to the pound to adopt a puppy.”

— Angi Ma Wong, best-selling and award-winning author

of REGGIE the L.A. Gator and 24 other titles

“The problem with this book is that everyone is going to want a dog just like Jamie. They have to choose well and nurture their pet to be Jamie. But it never will be — it will be another spirit, another life, another joy.”

— C.M. Omoto, DVM The Village Pet Clinic

Redondo Beach, California

“Fred Haney gets it. The message of this book is that by nurturing your pet, paying attention to its cues and signals, likes and dislikes, you can develop a two way communication, which is in turn self nurturing, and leads to a much stronger bond between you and your pet.”

— Carter Patrick Carrigan Professional Pet Sitter

“As one deeply immersed in the communications business, I find the lessons learned and expressed in My Doggie Says… to be of great use in understanding the body language and ‘signals’ of the human animal as well. A particularly poignant observation in Chapter 18 is that of the relationship between ‘nature’ and ‘nurture’ — “The key to nurturing a doggie is to understand its nature.” We should all have a better understanding of our natures, in business as well as in our family lives.”

— Dave Brennan, Publisher GOLF Tips Media Group

Los Angeles, California

“Does your dog know your schedule better than you do?

Does your dog know when you are upset, but you can’t tell when she’s had a bad day? Jamie and Fred have written this wonderful book celebrating the special connection between a family dog and her people. Written with love and humor, this book is a bright insight into the gentle soul of our dearest pets.”

— Ethel Merecer Professional Dog Trainer

Jamie’s Puppy Kindergarten Instructor, Lomita Obedience Training Club

“As a veterinarian, being able to read an animal’s body language is one of the most important skills to possess. Since dogs can’t verbalize their ailments, we have to devise ways to understand and figure out why they’re not feeling well.

My Doggie Says… points out some of the important ways our dogs can communicate.”

— Richard Goldstein, DVM New York, New York.

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