More Doggie Dancing (with video)

On November 26, I wrote about this article, from, about dancing with your dog. 862-mag1125doggiepoodle_11-25-2007_amvkvutembeddedprod_affiliate81.jpg Well, guess what. Just a few days later, Barbara took this video of Callie's Puppy Kindergarten teacher, Ethel Mercer and her doggie, Heaven, doing a little impromptu dance demo. There's no music here, so you have to use your imagination a little, but you sure get the idea. Ethel is an instructor for the Lomita Obedience Training Club. See the link on the right hand panel. Callie has two diplomas, now, from Puppy Kindergarten, and she's learned her lessons pretty well. She's still a puppy, though -- with endless bundles of energy. She's not going to take dance class right now, but she was pretty impressed by Ethel and Heaven. Ethel, by the way, wrote one of the pre-publication reviews for "My Doggie Says.... " You can see it on the web site.