Today is national "Take Your Dog To Work Day"

Pet Sitters International created a neat thing; they created national “Take Your Dog To Work Day.” It’s today — June 20, 2008. Here are a couple of links to articles about “Take Your Dog To Work Day.” K9 Magazine. National “Take Your Dog To Work Day.” Big Wag Gourmet Bakery. “Take Your Dog To Work Day.”

Actually, more and more companies are becoming dog-friendly and allowing employees to bring their dogs to work. You can read about it here. Most of these places have some pretty strict guidelines, such as 1) dogs have to be on the leash, 2) dogs need to be well-behaved, 3) three strikes and your out, 4) owners are expected to clean up, and 5) some rooms (like the cafeteria) might be off limits.

Callie, my 17-month old Golden Retriever puppy, has learned to be pretty calm when she’s allowed to hang out around my office. This morning, I went to her crate, opened the door, and said, “Hey, Callie, it’s national ‘take your dog to work day.'” Callie grunted approval and followed me into my office. Then she made a tight u-turn, went back to her crate, and retrieved her “Stinky,” her favorite stuffed puppy security object. She sat down beside me and proceeded to suck gently on “Stinky.”

After a while, she got tired of “Stinky” and went to her crate to get one of her Nylabones, which she also loves. So Callie’s having a very successful “Take Your Dog To Work Day.”

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