This dog (puppy) plays soccer — video of Callie

OK. Back from vacation. The swimming video is done. And, finally, I've had a chance to edit Callie soccer video. These clips were taken on June 5, when Callie was a little less than five months old. Callie was not "trained" to do this. When she first arrived at our house, at about eight weeks old, she loved the soccer ball. These pictures were taken on April 27, when Callie was just about ten weeks old. img_5411-3.jpg img_5353-3.jpg The My Doggie Says... message here is that we're creating a stronger relationship with Callie by tuning into -- and nurturing -- things she likes to do. Callie obviously loves our little almost-daily soccer games. Whenever the door is open to the back yard, she runs to the middle of the yard, lies down on the grass, and says, "bring on the game!" Here's Callie playing soccer. [youtube=] Toward the end, you'll see Callie running through the orange tunnel. She's totally comfortable in this tunnel, which is often used in puppy training classes. She will chase the soccer ball through the tunnel. Other times, she sits in the tunnel and waits to see which direction the ball goes. Unfortunately, she's grown so much that she almost doesn't fit in the tunnel today. She does, but it's getting tight. Our puppy is getting bigger!

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  1. Finnegan says:

    That is an adorable puppy and it looks like she is going to be quite the athlete. Hope she doesn’t grow up too fast.