What Can Dogs Teach Us About Business?

Here's a fun article, from chiefhomeofficer.com, titled "What My Dog Has Taught Me About Business." Following is an excerpt: "What has Riley taught me about entrepreneurship…? First, of course, there’s their persistence. Whether trying, struggling, striving to reach that playtoy that’s just out of reach beneath the bed or table, or their tail, they don’t give up. And there’s always that truth about dogs and hope springing eternal and new with each new opportunity, whether it’s a squirrel, a toy or their tail. Their lesson of failure from before is long lost. They’re ready for a fresh pursuit. Sometimes, humans need to renew the pursuit — thought never forgetting the lessons of the past. What else can a canine teach us…?" The "what else...?" involves things like "sniff out all opportunities," "take a walk about," and "appreciate your surroundings." All cute and appropriate thoughts. Several of "Jamie's Rules," from "My Doggie Says... Messages from Jamie" work pretty well in a business environment. For example, "Don't bark if a 'wuuf' will do the job." And "Play by the rules even when there's no referee." You can see some of Jamie's rules at this web site. Dave Brennan, Publisher of the Golf Tips Media Group, wrote a relevant pre-publication review of "My Doggie Says...:" "As one deeply immersed in the communications business, I find the lessons learned and expressed in My Doggie Says... to be of great use in understanding the body language and 'signals' of the human animal as well. A particularly poignant observation in Chapter 12 is that of the relationship between 'nature' and 'nurture' -- "The key to understanding a doggie is to understand its nature." We should all have a better understanding of our natures, in business as well as in our family lives." "Wuuf."