Ever since I blogged about Callie's Kong toy, on December 1, 2007, I've tried to get some good video clips of her dropping and throwing her Kong toy to the floor, hoping that the carrot or cheese inside will pop out. But having been introduced here to PUP (The Puppy Uncertainty Principle), you know that a puppy is never where you want it to be when you try to photograph it. Nor is it doing what you want it to do when you try to photograph it. So I've spent countless minutes trying to get some good video of Callie loudly thumping her Kong toys to the floor, hoping to be rewarded with a snack. Every time I tried to photograph her, she either moved someplace else, or she laid down and tried to pull the snacks out of her Kong toy with her teeth. So it took some perseverance, but here are a few clips of Callie thumping her Kong toys on the floor. Imagine waking up to this in the middle of the night, which is what happened the first time she did it. I thought someone was dribbling a bowling ball in our bedroom, because the sound was amplified by the floor of Callie's crate. What I really want to know is, "How does a puppy know to do this?" Is there a place in their genetic coding that says, "To get carrots and string cheese out of a Kong toy, you throw it on the ground?" Or is this a sign of the kind of problem solving the scientists always say dogs can't do? Or are puppies just pretty smart? Proving one more time that dogs are smarter than some people (mostly scientists) think they are. Give your dog credit for how smart it really is, and you'll have a closer relationship with it.

One Response to “Kongtelligence”

  1. 4urpets says:

    That’s cute. My dog Jonesy does this. He gets the goodies out of there so quickly that it’s no “enrichment” for him. So to stop that, I put the goodies in the kong and top it off with either a little peanut butter on the ends or a little beef flavor paste from a can. The stuff won’t fall out, he sits and licks the stuff off the top, and then starts working on getting the goodies out. So instead of 2 minutes on the Kong, he is now 10 minutes on the Kong.