Dog Talk: Callie Sends a Strong Message

Callie loves to play soccer in the back yard. And she loves to play "chucket" in the living room. "Chucket" is a frisbee-like flying squirrel throw toy. With some practice, Callie has gotten pretty good at catching it on the fly. She "sits" beside me and, when I give the "chucket" a soft, short, high toss, Callie runs and catches it. She's up to about 80% on catches -- at least if I make a good toss. Yesterday, after playing soccer with Callie in the back yard, I decided to try moving our "chucket" game to the back yard -- instead of the living room. I thought maybe we could work on slightly longer tosses of the "chucket." The first time I tossed "chucket," Callie simply let it fall to the ground. The second time I tossed it, Callie just stood there and it popped her on the nose. Then Callie turned away from "chucket" and sat staring resolutely at the soccer ball. The dog talk message was clear. Callie was saying, "I play chucket in the living room; in the back yard, I play soccer!" Smarty pants. Be sure to participate in our "How Does Your Dog Show Affection?" poll. Also, check out our new "book store." We've linked the books of the authors that have appeared on the "My Doggie Says..." radio show. This great collection of books can help you gain a deeper appreciation for your dog -- and build a closer relationship with it. The Amazon "slide show" lets you browse through the books quickly.

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One Response to “Dog Talk: Callie Sends a Strong Message”

  1. Isn’t it amazing that they are so intelligent?