Why Does My Dog Sniff At Cars And Trucks?

I've been meaning to write about Callie's behavior around my car. When it's parked in front of the house, or across the street, she sniffs all around it -- the tires, the doors, everything. What's that all about? The theme of My Doggie Says... is trying to understand your dog's behavior and what messages it might be sending. But this one has me baffled. I wouldn't have thought my car smelled either that good or that bad. Actually, I wouldn't have thought it smelled at all, except maybe for the rubber tires. But Callie's sniffer is getting something that my sniffer doesn't get. Callie clearly recognizes my car. Some mornings when we're short on time, Barbara walks with Callie and I go to the golf club for practice. When Barbara and Callie walk through the golf club parking lot, Callie sees my car, if it's there, and makes a bee-line for it. And then she sniffs around it. What the heck does she smell? So, anyway, I was going to write about Callie sniffing my car and then she gave me an even better excuse -- a great big cement truck, with all the bells & whistles. We're having some concrete steps replaced outside our house, and the other day, the cement truck showed up. When I took Callie out for a walk, she just went crazy about the cement truck. She sniffed the fenders, the tires, the bumpers -- everything she could reach. Here are some photos: img_0865-2.jpg img_0868-2.jpg I don't know who "NORMA" is, but she's famous now. Callie even sniffed her sign on the truck's bumper. img_0866-2.jpg Does your dog sniff cars and trucks? If you think you know why, let me know! Callie sure seems to know something I don't know.

2 Responses to “Why Does My Dog Sniff At Cars And Trucks?”

  1. Pinnie says:

    The sniffing blog is most entertaining and interesting to say the least. Who names their truck Norma. Does your car, a Jaguar, have a name too?

  2. yvonne says:

    my dog does the exact same thing. every time we go into the parking lot of our apartments, he smells the tires and fenders of every car…..which are always the same cars (my neighbors). i have no idea what is so interesting???