A Dog's New Year's Resolutions (by Callie, Golden Retriever)

Hi, this is Callie writing. I thought I'd share my New Year's Resolutions with you, so you can pass them on to your dog. img_0301-4.jpg 1. To get all the way through 2008 without eating anything that would show up in an X-Ray. 2. To start jogging, instead of just walking. My vet says I can start jogging when I'm fourteen months old, which will be in March. I love my morning walk, but a jog would be even more fun. 3. To be a better friend for Okie-Dokie the cat. She really doesn't like it when I sit on her, so I won't do that so much. 4. To work on my soccer skills. If you haven't seen me play soccer, take a look at the "All-Animal Soccer Team" link on this blog. I'm learning to jump really high and to do "nosers" (instead of 'headers'). 5. To not destroy any toy that has a tag saying it's "indestructible." 6. To get better about not jumping up on people. I'm learning, honest. But it's hard, and I need to keep working on it. After all, I'm still a puppy. 7. To spend more time playing with my Kong Toys. Man, they really are indestructible. And, besides, Barbara puts puppy treats and carrots inside, so I get a neat reward. img_0578-2.jpg 8. To be calmer around the house. My strategy is working. When I'm calm and don't chew on rugs and the furniture, Fred and Barbara let me spend more time outside of my crate. 9. Become an even better swimmer. This will have to wait until summer at Lake Arrowhead, but I think I'll get to swim without a leash this summer. And wait until you see some of my dives off the dock -- awesome, because I can really elevate! 10. To not pull on my leash so much and to do a better job of "heeling." I'm getting better, but there's room for improvement. 11. To work hard on my "retrieving" skills. After all, I am a Golden Retriever. I don't get to go hunting, but on my morning walk there are tons of sticks and pine cones. "Bigger and farther." That's my retriever motto for 2008. img_0569-2.jpg 12. To keep making more doggie and people friends. I really like to meet new doggies and people. I see lots of pals on my morning walk, but I keep making new friends, too. 13. To learn what I'm supposed to do when Fred says "lie down" or "shake paws." I'm getting there, but I need lots of practice. See ya' next time. Callie

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  1. If a resolution was “to be gorgeous and cute” then you’ve succeeded!